How do I get a customized gift box?

You can email sales@thecozynozyco.com or direct message us through Instagram at TheCozyNozyCo with your name and which products you want in the box.

Will the bath soaks stain my skin?

No. These do not contain colorant or dyes. 

Do the Bath Salt Soaks have bubbles?

No, the bath salt soaks are meant to improve overall skin health and are made for dry sensitive skin. 

Will the bath soaks stain my bath tub?

No they will not. But, the Rose Petal & Black Sea Salt detox bath soak contains activated charcoal in which I highly recommend rinsing your tub before and after to prevent staining. 

Will the bath soaks clog my drain?

All bath soaks come with a reusable cotton bag to "steep" your bath so that the contents do not go down your drain or get all over your bath tub. After your bath, you can compost the leftover contents, rinse&wash the bag and lay flat to dry. 

Is the cotton bag machine washable?

Yes it is, but keep in mind you will still want to empty and rinse the bag before throwing it in the wash. Also, it is 100% cotton so please only was in cold water as it may shrink. 

What if I do not want to reuse the cotton bag?

Thats ok, the cotton bag is also 100% compostable!

What is your return/ refund policy?

At this time, we will not accept any returns or offer any refunds. All sales are final. If you have any issue though, please contact us at sales@thecozynozyco.com

Don't see the tea you are looking for? Please email us at sales@thecozynozyco.com to see if we still carry it, have it on back order, or if we will be bringing it back again!